What Our Clients Say

“Onstott Group exceeded our expectations on this important assignment. They ran a fluid, effective and no-nonsense process that quickly zeroed in on what we were looking for.”

- Jeremy Hitchcock,
CEO of Dyn

“Onstott Group did an outstanding job on this assignment and exceeded our expectations. They provided us with a well-defined process and definitive timeline, and diligently executed the assignment thoroughly and efficiently.”

- Tom Ebling,
CEO of Demandware

“Onstott Group presented a well-rounded slate of candidates. We were extremely impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the search process. They spent time upfront to get a firm understanding of the search requirements and our business model."

- Rudy Wynter, President and COO,
FERC Regulated Business of National Grid

“Onstott Group hit the bullseye in terms of the very specific set of skills and experience we were looking for in a Senior Controller.”

- Paul Gudonis,
Chief Executive Officer, Myomo

“Onstott Group has repeatedly done excellent work on our assignments. We enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing our long term relationship.”

- Bob Eckel, Chief Executive Officer and John Caffrey,
Vice President of Human Resources of MorphoTrust USA

“Onstott Group led a very smooth search that yielded a final slate of excellent candidates in a short period of time. We could not be happier with their search process and bringing on an excellent hire.”

- Lanning Levine, SVP,
Human Resources at American Science & Engineering

"We are extremely pleased with the search process that Onstott Group led for us. An excellent slate of candidates was assembled quickly and we were able to choose an ideal fit for PMD in a few short months.”

- Chuck Lewin,
Chairman, Founder & CEO of Performance Motion Devices

“Onstott Group did a phenomenal job. They had a well thought out search process and presented a strong slate of candidates from which we selected an outstanding President and CEO.”

- Tom Burbage,
Chairman of the Board of Terma

“Onstott Group delivered on their word — they gave us an executive search process that was clear on fees, full on sourced opportunities, and which endured a slightly longer timeframe than we had anticipated with no extra costs. Rev360 is thrilled that Onstott was such an incredible part of our CFO search and hire!”

- Scott Jens,
Chief Executive Officer of Rev360

“Onstott group did an outstanding job on this assignment. They conducted the search in a thorough and timely fashion and identified a strong candidate. I have worked with Onstott Group numerous times over the years' and would highly recommend their services.”

- Bill McHale,
Chief Executive Officer of Aeryon Labs

“Partnering with Joe and the whole Onstott team enabled us to find the perfect fit for the organization! We are now poised for great success moving forward."

- Steven Rotman,
Chief People Officer of Ipswitch

“Onstott Group worked tirelessly to round out our finance organization in short order, with the addition of two talented executives. We are very pleased.”

- Paula Olson,
Chief Financial Officer of Frontline Education